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Crash Detector

Crash Detector is an innovative tracking application in an emergency. Designed and running on  Android devices.
Based on the new EU directive
And supports the pilot program

Enabling the application to your device in the event of an accident, a fall or violent change of motion, the application sends SMS message and / or dials a predetermined telephone number.

The application monitors and records the location of your device (GPS) simultaneously with the acceleration sensor (G sensor). in each case exceeded the value of G we define, therefore abrupt change (eg conflict), the device informs the holder with sound effects that will send a message.

The aim of this notice is to give the user the necessary time to cancel the alarm recorded in case it is false due to improper handling.

Otherwise, the device sends an SMS message and / or calls on the device you have registered to be notified, giving your exact location and direct access to the map (Google Maps).

So identify or locate the person you are interested effected directly and in some cases life-saving.


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