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Privacy Policy

ASIS respects privacy

The ASIS respect your privacy. This Privacy Statement informs you about the practices for the protection of privacy and the choices you have on how to collect information about you and your online business and how to use them. This statement is readily available on our homepage and bottom of each website ASIS.

During the development of policies and standards on privacy ASIS, observe and take into account all the principles and frameworks world, including the OECD Guidelines on the protection of privacy and transborder flows of EU Directive 95/46 / EC, the privacy framework of the Economic Cooperation Asia-Pacific and the Madrid resolution on International Standards of confidentiality.

The ASIS has also introduced a set of binding corporate rules, which have been approved by all regulatory data protection authorities in the European Economic Area and Switzerland, with effect from June 2011 The rules ensure the adequate protection of personal data of individuals covered the European Economic Area in the treatment of any of the entities of the ASIS.

H ASIS is committed to resolving complaints relating to privacy and the collection or use of personal information. The ASIS further undertakes to report any unresolved privacy complaints from citizens or residents of the EU on transfers of personal data within the law to an independent dispute resolution mechanism.

1 Purpose of this privacy statement

The ASIS is an organization, with legal entities, business processes, management structures, and technical systems that cross boundaries of countries. This privacy statement applies to all Sites Web, sectors, services, applications and products belonging to the ASIS, except that a policy or privacy statement on a particular program, product or service may ASIS take precedence over this privacy statement or complementary to it.

Links to Web sites not owned by ASIS

The sites or services ASIS may provide links to applications, products, services, or third party Web sites your convenience and information. If you use these links, you will not be longer in Web of ASIS. The ASIS does not control these third party sites or their privacy practices, which may differ from the practices of ASIS. We do not endorse or provide any assurance with respect to third party sites. The personal data you choose to disclose or collected by these third parties is not covered by the privacy statement of ASIS. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of any site to which you interact, before allowing the collection and use of your personal information.

We may also provide social media features that allow you to share information in your social networks and interact with ASIS in various social media sites. The use of these features may result in the collection or sharing of information about you, depending on the option. We recommend that you review the policies and privacy settings on social networking sites with which you interact to make sure that you understand what information may be collected, used and disclosed by these sites.

2 Collection of personal information

The ASIS collects, exports, and uses personal information to better serve you and to personalize your experience and your interaction with the company. This collection is made after adequate notice and securing your own consent and the necessary procedures of data protection authorities, where required.

The ASIS may collect personal information from you to complete various transactions, including:

     order products or services, activations and registrations
     profiling and user authentication
     requests for information
     subscriptions to marketing or support
     participation in contests or surveys
     applications of direct credit
     job applications

In the types of personal information that you provide to us may include:

contact information such as name, address, telephone number and email address, financial information, such as the number of credit / debit card or other billing information, identification number issued by the state and wages or other unique information such as user IDs and passwords, preferences for products and services, contact preferences, educational and employment background and information about your interest in employment in some cases, may be provided to the ASIS corporate contact information from a particular entity within the business or company (such as a member of the Board of IT). If you apply for instant credit, we may request additional personal information, such as salary, identification number issued by the state data bank / financial account and other information confirming your identity and prove your credit rating. This information will be used by our financial services to determine whether and to what extent will become an extension of your credit limit. If you post comments, complaints or express interest or share personal information, including photos, in any public forum on a site of ASIS, social network, blog or other such forum, please be aware that any information you submit may be read, viewed, collected or used by other users of these forums, and could be used to communicate with you, to send spam or for purposes which are not controlled by you or by ASIS. The ASIS is not responsible for personal information you choose to submit in such a forum.

In addition to the information you provide, the ASIS may also collect information during your visit to a Web site of ASIS, an application provided by Web or a Web site that "supported by" another company on behalf of ASIS, through of automatic data collection tools, including warnings Web, cookie and embedded links Web. These tools collect certain traffic information that sends the browser to a site Web, such as the type and browser language, access times, and the address of the Web site from which you reached. We may also collect information about your IP address Internet (IP), the unique identifier of your device, the transfer behavior via connections (ie, the pages you view, the links you follow and other actions you take in connection with the Sites Web of ASIS or supported Sites Web), and product information. The ASIS may also use some of the automatic data collection tools for specific emails and newsletters communication sent and therefore may collect information using these tools when you open the email or click links contained therein. To learn more, read our how ASIS uses automatic data collection tools.

  The ASIS also collects information from sources that are publicly available or commercially and are considered reliable. Such information may include the name, address, email address, preferences, interests and demographics / profile data. The information collected by ASIS from public or commercial sources may be used along with information collected when you visit the sites of the Web. For example, the ASIS may compare the geographic information acquired from commercial sources with the IP address collected by the automatic data collection tools to find your geographic area.

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